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Most people assume cosmetics and personal care products are tested for safety before being stocked on store shelves. But sadly it is not, current federal law regulating cosmetic safety has NOT been updated in OVER 80 years! 
*The EU has restricted over 1300 chemicals while the US only 30*

These guides will help you navigate how ingredients effect the body and the environment


Certifications To Look Out For Cosmetic Safety:

These companies collectively screen ingredients for known Carcinogens, Developmental Toxins, Endocrine Disruptors, Fire Retardants, Heavy Metals, Neurotoxins, High-Risk Pesticides, Reproductive Toxins, Toxic Solvents, Harmful VOCs, Environmental Health, DNA/Cell Damage, and Allergens.


Helpful Phone Apps: Explore the safety of your cosmetic ingredients with your phone by scanning the barcode on the back of your product. Pro Tip - ( if you scan the product and it doesn’t come up- try to type it in or you can type in any single ingredient to view its rating)

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