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The past couple months I’ve been trying out some new beauty and skincare products, and boy there are a lot of goodies that I want to share with you! I usually do a seasonal blog post sharing my faves, but I totally dropped the ball on that for winter…oops!  Anyway, I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been loving lately and maybe it will give you some inspo for something new to try!


aDesign Cruelty-Free Makeup Brushes

SO so soft! I love that they have descriptions on the handle because let’s be honest, I wouldn’t know what to do with them otherwise 


Alpyn Beauty Plant Genius Survival Serum

An all-in-one brightening serum and illuminating primer. I love using it on top of a moisturizer and underneath my makeup. It’s slightly shimmery and also has gentle exfoliants. And the smell 


Au Naturale Bold Statement Vegan Mascara

A newly released product, which has been 7 years in the making to perfect the formula, whoa! It also has the market’s first organic preservative. I really love the silicone wand. And the formula is long-lasting, buildable, volumizing, and lengthening.


Beneath Your Mask Indulge Total Body Elixir

Love me some body oils in winter! This is a blend of 18 pure plant oils and botanicals that are formulated to match skin’s natural lipid balance, heal, rejuvenate, nourish, and protect skin. I got this from the March Clean Beauty Box!


FitGlow Vita-Active Serum

This serum is the most vibrant, beautiful orange color. The synergistically-complete formula increases collagen production, diminishes spots, freckles, hyperpigmentation, and sun damage. It makes my skin feel so amazing!

Hynt Beauty Skin Prep

If you have more combo/oily skin like me, you might like this! It’s a serum/primer that is deeply hydrating, yet breathable, and makes for a flawless SPF or makeup application.


Innersense Hydrating Hair Masque

So I’m not a huge fan of using conditioner in my hair, but I don’t like dry or staticky hair in the winter. So this is perfect! After washing, I apply this to the ends of my hair for about 15 minutes then rinse. It leaves my hair feeling soooo nourished.


Larq Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

I never thought I’d be *that person* that has a fancy water bottle. But I couldn’t pass this one up! It’s super cute, first of all, but it actually uses a mercury-free UV-C LED light to purify the bottle. No more stinky, dirty water bottles here!


LILFOX Cleopatra Restorative Milk + Honey Beauty Mask

This mask is a powder that you can mix with a liquid of your choice. I like using manuka honey and some water or toner. It’s the most gorgeous burgundy color and smells like roses with hints of papaya, grapefruit, and sandalwood. It leaves my skin feeling firm and bright!


Sappho Essential Liquid Foundation

This medium-coverage foundation has been working so well for me! It’s really lightweight and wears well throughout the day. I wear shade “Rachel.” If you really want to up the application, I love their buffer brush too!

Tree Bird Pure Silk Biodegradable Eco Floss

I’ve been hunting for floss that is durable, eco-friendly, and has clean ingredients. I found it! This is packaged in glass and you can buy refills. It’s pure silk, coated with natural candelilla wax, and flavored with mint essential oils.

Ursa Major Forest Fix Deodorant Stick

Ursa Major is one of my favorite natural deodorant brands, and they just launched a new scent which smells like a forest! It’s a roll-on formula and applies so easily, plus keeps my pits fresh all day long

Vapour Mesmerize Eye Pencil

When I want a softer look, I use this eyeliner because it’s silky smooth and blendable. I have the “Ink” color. Code ORGANICALLYBECCA saves you on all Vapour products!

W3ll People Bio Bronzer Baked Powder

I’ve tried loose powder bronzers and I always end up using way too much! Which is why this pressed powder formula is so nice. It’s smooth, long-lasting, and doesn’t seem to oxidize.

Xtrema 7-inch Pure Ceramic Skillet

Okay, this isn’t makeup or skincare, but it’s still important! I recently watched “The Devil We Know” on Netflix which is a documentary about Teflon and non-stick cookware and the dangerous health effects. Xtrema is a brand I trust that makes safe ceramic cookware.


Thanks for reading! Have you tried any of these? I’d love to hear what you’re loving right now too! 

Special Thanks to Becca!