How did This Organic Girl come about? 

My 4 week old had developed a mild case of eczema and after a steroid bleached his skin, and I just knew there had to be a healthier way. And come to find out there is...for a lot of things! I was (and still am) so passionate about continuing the conversation about choosing clean that I hopped on Instagram in the summer of 2015 to share healthy living tips, to encourage others to make informed decisions, to talk about conscious consumerism and to encourage others to CHOOSE health. Sometimes it's as easy as choosing "this" over "that" and I love bringing these examples to light and talking about better options. 

Soon after that I realized I had more to say than what an Instagram caption could hold so I launched This Organic Girl the website in January of 2016. It started out as a part-time job but I'm excited to say it has grown so much over the past 3 years and This Organic Girl is now full-time with a small team contributing to it's success! I never imagined my lifestyle becoming my legit job but I am so thankful for the opportunities it brings and the conversations I get to have daily about making better choices. I learn so much from the brands I work with and also from my awesome online community. It's truly where passion meets movement and a total dream come true to serve in this way. 

What is your go to product right now for skincare & makeup?

I absolutely love the True Botanicals Clear line. In three weeks it eradicated my hormonal acne and I've never looked back. They also have a line for mature skin that is beautiful too. 

Currently some of my obsessions are: 

OLIO E OSSO Balm in No. 10

Inika Organic BB Cream in Beige 

Kjaer Weis Cream Blush in Above and Beyond

True Botanicals Overnight Moisture Lock Mask

And a new fave I discovered through Beauty Heroes; the BLUE ALCHAMY line

Have you always been into health & beauty or is that something that developed over time?

I never really thought I was extreme about health and beauty but my mom was a real tom boy growing up and I will always remember her saying, "I don't know how I raised two girly girls - you definitely didn't get that from me" I guess I was born with it!

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What advice would you give to girls who want to go green with their cosmetics?

There are several certifying bodies that look at products and determine if they are safe or not. Some of these are COSMOS, EcoCert, MADE SAFE and EWG Verified for example. If you see any of these on a label you know you are getting better than conventional. I would say start there. And if you want more you can always follow some green beauty bloggers online! 

That being said, we are still allowing someone to make the decision for us. It's a good place to start but in the end, the best way to take control of the products we are putting in and on your body is to start looking at labels and start looking up ingredients. Knowledge is power. 

What is your best wellness tip for a busy person?

I am the type of person that sets her sights on a goal and goes after it; HARD. And sometimes this means I get into my zone and forget to prioritize my wellness so I get it. Some days it's really hard to fit it in. But what I've learned is it's all about hooking yourself up before so that when the zone sucks you in, you have that healthy snacks to grab, a wellness routine to follow, water by your side and the discipline to put your health first. Work is like dust, it always comes back. But our health? Not so much. That's the mantra I use to get my butt up and moving and it works most days. 

Where are your go-to places on the weekend?

Anywhere and everywhere, me and my husband Jason love going to restaurants - especially anything new. We also love exploring the city, going to the skate parks, biking with the kids or trying out a new trail. We also try to prioritize a workout or two but we also love the movies and naps. And we love travel so any given weekend we could be visiting family up north or in the sunshine state soaking it up down south.

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