We started Green Beauty Scene to share our passion and encourage others to try safer beauty and home care products. Our mission is to build a digital media community by connecting committed brands to passionate consumers. We provide the most up-to-date insight on the green beauty movement by empowering authentic people to share their stories in a fun and informative way.

Our families like many of your own have been affected by serious health issues that are on the rise and are in some part due to our ongoing exposure to toxic chemicals. Our own journey began by replacing every product we use in our home and on our bodies with an alternative that had no toxic chemicals. The experience has been eye opening and we want to share our discovery of these amazing products with everyone!

We have partnered with the BEST in green beauty to curate the hottest guides to non-toxic personal and home care products. Each product is carefully reviewed for strict ingredient standards and efficacy. We strongly believe you shouldn’t have to compromise your standards in order to be healthy.

We love values like organic, cruelty-free, vegan, plant based, wild-harvested, handcrafted, eco-cert, bio-dynamic, and ayurvedic.




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